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Child custody is one of the most emotionally charged and contentious areas of practice for family law. It can lead to bitter disputes and a fracturing of the family that could have lasting effects on the children involved in the case. It is important to find a skilled child custody attorney in West Palm Beach who can help you achieve a custody and visitation agreement that best suits your situation and the needs of your child.

When parents disagree about child custody and visitation agreements, it can often result in a contested divorce. The legal process can be complex and confusing, but a qualified child custody lawyer in West Palm Beach can guide you through each step of the legal proceedings. The lawyer can also assist you in working out a parenting plan that will meet your child’s needs and be as stress-free as possible for everyone.

The firm, Farkas & Crowley, serves clients in the West Palm Beach area and handles divorce cases related to property division and equitable distribution, alimony, child support, and timesharing. It also handles other family law matters including domestic violence and paternity establishment. Attorney Adam R. Farkas has handled more than 1,000 cases throughout his career.

In Florida, there are two types of custody — physical and legal. Legal custody involves the decision-making power regarding the child’s upbringing, while physical custody determines where the child lives. The court may award joint or sole custody to either parent or split the rights between them. Depending on the circumstances, the court might designate a particular parent as the ultimate decision-maker in certain areas, such as healthcare and education.

Other considerations in a custody case might include the child’s age, mental and emotional well-being, the ability of each parent to provide a stable environment, the history of domestic violence, any evidence of drug or alcohol abuse, and the child’s preferences (if they are mature enough). A unique time-sharing arrangement might be needed for a child with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders.

A child custody modification might be necessary if a parent has been arrested for drug or alcohol offenses, or if the child’s living conditions have changed significantly since the original agreement was made. It is important to work with an experienced child custody and visitation attorney in West Palm Beach to ensure that the modifications are made in a timely manner.

In addition to handling child custody and visitation issues, the law office of Davis provides representation in other divorce matters, such as post-judgment enforcement or modification, spousal and/or child support, and property division. Its attorneys have over 30 years of experience in divorce and family law. They have helped many clients with their cases in the West Palm Beach area. They have received positive reviews from past clients. They focus on representing clients in high net-worth and complex divorce cases. They have a reputation for excellence and are dedicated to providing quality services.

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