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A fence is a physical barrier that separates two or more pieces of land. It is a vital part of any property, and it can be constructed from a variety of materials. It can serve many purposes, including protecting a yard from intruders and livestock, and it can also act as a physical marker of property lines.


A high-security fence is ideal for securing your home and yard from intruders, as it provides an extra layer of protection against break-ins. It is a good choice for homes that have young children or pets, as it can prevent intruders from entering without allowing them to see inside.

Increases curb appeal

A well-constructed fence will add value to your property, and it can help attract buyers who are looking for privacy or security. It can also help define the boundaries of your yard, which can clarify mowing and maintenance duties between neighbors.

Adding a fence can increase your property’s value, but this depends on where you live and the type of fencing you choose. For example, a chain link fence may increase your property’s value more than a wooden fence.


Installing a fence can be complex and requires a considerable amount of labor, so it’s often best to hire a professional fence contractor in Houston who will take the time to ensure your project is completed correctly and professionally. They will be able to consult with you on your needs and preferences, provide accurate pricing, and complete the job in a timely manner.

The cost of a fence is highly variable, depending on the size and complexity of your yard. It is also dependent on your local codes and regulations, so it’s important to understand them before you start.


A professional will dig holes for the fence posts, set them into place, and install the chain link fabric. They will also assemble the components of your fence, such as rails and top rails, and secure them with a variety of fasteners.

Once the posts are in place, it’s time to build the fence itself. You’ll need to decide on a few details, such as what material you want the fence made from and how tall you want it to be.

First, measure the perimeter of your yard to determine the linear footage you’ll need for the fencing. You’ll need to purchase enough fence mesh and top rails to cover the entire area, so calculate how much you’ll need before you start shopping for supplies.

Next, figure out the height you’ll need for your fence, based on your local rules and regulations. You’ll need to calculate the distance between each post, too, since these will need to be anchored to the ground.

After you have determined the perimeter and the height of your fence, you’ll need to dig holes for each post. These holes need to be deep enough to accommodate the weight of your fence fabric, but not so deep that they will interfere with water drainage. Once the holes are dug, they’ll be filled with concrete to anchor the posts in place and to keep them from moving or bending under the weight of your fence. Once the concrete is poured, you’ll need to tamp it down until it’s firm and in place.

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