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A dental emergency is an issue that requires immediate attention. This may be as simple as a broken tooth or as severe as a dental abscess that needs to be treated right away.

A toothache is one of the most common reasons to visit the dentist. This type of pain typically indicates that an infection is present inside a tooth, and often requires root canal therapy before it can be relieved.

Bleeding gums are another reason to seek out the care of a dental professional as soon as possible. This type of bleeding is typically a sign of early-stage gum disease or gingivitis, and should be taken seriously as it could lead to a more serious oral health problem down the road.

Chipped teeth can also be a cause of dental emergencies. A chip can open the gum line to bacteria and other debris that can lead to an abscessed tooth.

If you have a broken or chipped tooth, call an emergency dentist in Sarasota Florida as soon as possible to get it fixed. This is especially important if you are suffering from extreme pain or discomfort in the affected tooth or mouth.

Unusual sensitivity to heat and cold is a warning that you have a problem with the nerve inside your tooth. This is a condition that can require a root canal and will need to be treated by an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the nerve.

Loose crowns and fillings are another example of a dental emergency that requires treatment immediately. These types of caps and fillings are intended to protect the roots of teeth, but they can become dislodged or fall out of place.

Leaving these things alone is often the worst decision you can make as they can spread bacteria to surrounding teeth, and infect them as well. Contact an emergency dentist in Sarasota FL as soon as you can to get a crown replaced before the problem gets worse.

Other situations that require immediate dental treatment include a fractured or knocked-out tooth. This is the most common reason to seek out an emergency dentist in Sarasota, FL.

A broken or cracked tooth that hasn’t been attended to within a week can lead to more serious issues, such as a damaged jaw or facial nerve. Depending on the extent of the break, you may need to have the tooth extracted or receive other emergency dental procedures to restore the damaged tooth.

Trauma to the mouth, cheeks, and jaw is another common reason for a visit to an emergency dentist in Sarasota, Florida. These injuries are usually accompanied by swelling and severe pain, which can be a sign of an infection or inflammation in the surrounding area.

Canker sores are often a minor dental issue, but they can cause significant pain if not addressed. This can be a sign of early-stage gum disease, and should be addressed as soon as possible by a skilled dentist in Sarasota, Fl.

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