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he colors you use in your advertising campaigns have a profound effect on how potential customers perceive your brand. When choosing colors for your Minneapolis business’s promotional products, consider how they can reinforce the emotions you want your audience to feel when engaging with your company and its product offerings.

Whether you are looking to boost engagement with your social media posts, website or email newsletters, the colors you choose can help create the right emotional response in your audience. For example, warm or cool tones can evoke positive feelings of trust and comfort while brighter colors such as red or yellow can be seen as energetic or stimulating.

In fact, the right combination of colors can make your brand more memorable to your audience. Studies have shown that people remember ads that are bold, eye-catching and have a clear call to action more than those with less contrast or a duller palette.

Using the right mix of colors can help your Minneapolis brand stand out in the crowd. The right hues can draw in your audience, inspire them to take action and encourage them to learn more about your business and its offering. This is especially true for ads that are digitally based, as consumers often first look at the color of an ad before they read the words or watch the video.

One effective strategy for incorporating color into your marketing is to focus on one dominant hue and add accents of other shades that are complementary. This method of design can be used for your website, email newsletters and social media posts to make a lasting impression on your audience.

To showcase your brand’s values and promote a specific cause, you can also utilize color in your print advertisements. For example, STIHL used simple, clean lines and a symbolic hand illustration in their “Give a Hand to Wildlife” campaign to communicate the importance of its environmentally friendly lawn care and cleaning equipment.

While the best way to convey your message in print is by creating a full-color poster or flyer, promotional screen printing can be used to create a range of other materials that will reach your audience at a lower cost. For instance, you can use it to produce custom-printed t-shirts for a charity event or trade fair that can be handed out to participants and give your Minneapolis business valuable visibility.

Keep in mind that the quality of promotional screen printed apparel is often not as high as retail-quality garments and can fade or peel over time. It’s ideal for short-term events such as trade shows or marathons. If your business is planning to host an ongoing campaign, this type of printing may not be the best fit for you. If you are planning to create a new line of t-shirts for your Minneapolis business, we recommend exploring options that are designed with a higher-grade ink that will hold up to repeated washings and wear.

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